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City of Dublin Forms and Applications

  1. Alcohol Excise Tax
  2. Application for Neighborhood Partnership Program
  3. Building Permit Application
  4. City of Dublin Alcohol and Procedures-Affidavit
  5. City of Dublin Waiver for Garbage Pickup
  6. Contractor Permit Application
  7. Historic Application
  8. Planning and Zoning Application
  9. Request for Service - Sanitation
  10. Sign Application
  11. Application for  Residential Utilities 
  12. Application for Commercial Utilities
  13. Authorization form for Utility Bank Draft
  14. Discontinuation form for Utility Bank Draft
  15.  Hotel-Motel Form
  16.  Driveway Permit Request
  17. Application for Public Utilities
  18. Peddler's Application and Requirements
  19. Teen Court Application