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Water Construction

Daron Powell
Water Superintendent Daron Powell

Water is Life

Our water construction team connects new businesses and homes to the City's water services. They also maintain and repair the existing pipelines and connections.

Location: Madison Street, Dublin, GA 31021

Hours: Monday - Friday from  8 am to 5 pm

Phone:  (478) 277-5053

Water Construction
Our mission is to provide our customers with clean, reliable, potable water and to make sure that when our residents go to their tap that it always flows. We meet or exceed all Georgia EPD requirements  and have four State Certified Water Distribution Operators on staff. 

New Construction & Irrigation
Let's connect. If you're building a new home or business or installing a new irrigation system in the City of Dublin, we are here to help. To get connected to City water and sewer, please fill out this application.  You can return the completed application to Yvonne Baker at or fax it to (478) 272-2073.

Water Construction is accountable for the compliance, construction, and maintenance of our Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Divisions. The Water Distribution System consists of approximately 225 miles of water mains, 20 miles of service lines, 600 fire hydrants and almost 800 water valves.  

Water service is delivered to all areas within the corporate limits and to some areas outside the city limits.  As of December 2020, there were 4,416 active water customers, 3,305 active sprinkler customers. In 2020, Water Construction repaired 73 water services lines, 31 water mains, and installed 63 new water services. In 2020, Water Construction added 700 ft. of new 2” HDPE pipe and replaced around 600’ of 1” galvanized pipe.  

City of Dublin Water Rates
Like every drop of water counts, every dollar in our citizens' pocket counts. Dublin City Council strives to provide the best services for the lowest cost of living for Dublin. See Ordinance 20-08 A for the City of Dublin's water rates.

Wastewater Collection
We strive to keep our sewer collection system in top notch shape. We employ the use of 2 combination jetter/vacuum trucks and a high pressure jetter truck as well as a state of the art CCTV Pipe Inspection Unit.

The  Wastewater Collection system consists of approximately 225 miles of main, 23 miles of service laterals, and over 800 manhole structures. We serve approximately 4,245 active sewer customers. Through the conscientious effort of our Mayor & Council, Administration and Engineering/Grants Department the infiltration rate of the sanitary sewer collection system is at an all time low. The wastewater plant operators do not worry about heavy rains quite as much as years past because of the replacement of many old sewer mains over the last 10 years. This should continue to get better as sanitary sewer improvement projects are kept a top priority.  

In 2020, Water Construction repaired 34 sewer services lines and 15 sewer mains.