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City of Dublin Wireless


City of Dublin WiFi


Contact Information
Location:  City Hall
Phone:  (478)296-1008
Fax:       (478)277-5099


The City of Dublin was awarded grant funding through a Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) program called "Wireless Communities Georgia" in October of 2006. This funding allowed the city to build a Wireless Mesh network throughout parts of Dublin. This network has the capability of providing connectivity to the end users without the need for any additional equipment other than an 802.11 a/b/g compatible device. The wireless network provides connectivity for the Police Department, and other Departments with field personnel. Also the network has the capability to provide internet service to the citizens and visitors of Dublin that are within the coverage area.


If citizens or visitors of Dublin wish to connect to the free Wi-Fi, they should check for the signal "DTFreeWiFi" using a laptop or wireless device.  If they are able to see that signal no password or security code should be needed.