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Department Head:  Robert Jefferson


 Office Information:
Location:  City Hall
Phone:  (478)296-1008
Fax:      (478)277-5099

 The City of Dublin Fiber Optic Ring was developed and deployed in the summer of 1999 for the City of Dublin. The development of the ring provided a service to local government facilities along with the possibility of adding private businesses to the system, thus attracting more businesses and industries to the area. As of now the City of Dublin is at the stage of adding private businesses to the ring.

 The fiber optic ring was placed throughout parts of Laurens County to supply more than just the city limits with the possibility of connection. The ring is made up of 96 count 1 Gigabit fiber optic ring. This ring is supplied internet connectivity by fiber connections from both Atlanta and Jacksonville, Fl. Cisco routers were placed throughout the system at key locations for distribution and maintenance purposes. These routers, along with the process used to configure them, provide the ring with the capability to maintain redundancy. Redundancy is a feature that allows the system or ring to continue working when circumstances would normally result in failure.

 The City of Dublin offers free Wifi in Stubbs Park and Oconee Gym. Be on the lookout for free WiFi downtown at the Market on Madison soon.

  City of Dublin WiFi