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Utilities Director 

Tony Braziel

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Location:  Riverview Dr.
Phone (478) 272-5814
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Water IS Life's Necessity








Water is essential to our everyday lives. And, our supplies are limited…so please use water wisely. Cutting water use inside and outside our homes is really important. If each of us changed our water-use habits, we could save billions of gallons of water. Here’s how you can help:



What you can do:


How much you can save:
Turn off the water when you brush
your teeth.

3 gallons per day
Shorten your showers by one or two

5 gallons per day
Fix leaky faucets 20 gallons per day
Wash only full loads of laundry 15 to 50 gallons per load

 Talk to your family and friends about saving water. 
If everyone does a little, we all benefit a lot.


What you can do :

How much you can save:

Water your yard only before 8 a.m.
to reduce evaporation and
interference from wind.

25 gallons per day


Install a smart sprinkler controller.

40 gallons per day


 Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks. 


150 gallons each time.

 Check your sprinkler system for leaks,
over spray and broken sprinkler heads

500 gallons a month. 


 Are you Water Wise? Conduct a DIY Home Water Audit