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 Department of Public Works
Municipal Cemeteries, Gas, Streets, Water Distribution, & Wastewater Collection 

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Office Information:
404 South Washington Street
Phone:  (478) 277-5048
Fax:      (478) 272-2073 
Shawn Wood, CPWM



"Excellence: Our City, Our Citizens, Our Future"

Our goal is to provide the absolute best service possible to the citizens of the City of Dublin by maintaining the infrastructure entrusted to us by Mayor & City Council. Public Works means what it says, "Works for the Public", we take that serious. 

Our responsibilities include: maintenance of streets, right of ways, drainage, water & sewer utilities, municipal cemeteries, facilities & utility easements. We provide traffic control for all parades and events in the community as well. We are always here to help if you have problems with anything from low water pressure to tree limbs obstructing your sight at a stop sign. 


These Operating Principles reflect our values, define our organizational culture, and guide the approach we take in delivering services to our customers.

Customer Service: The quality of what we accomplish is measured by the satisfaction of those we serve.

Improvement: We will continually improve the way we do business and be responsive to the need to change.

Excellence: The excellence of our team is derived from the excellence of its members.

Integrity: We strive to maintain the highest level of integrity.

Growth: Providing for the opportunity for personal and professional growth is essential, while planning for the future.

Value: Each member of the team has the responsibility to add value to our products/services.

Accountability: “Doing what we are hired to do” and being personally responsible and accountable for doing our part.

Care: We demonstrate care and commitment in every process, service, or product we deliver.

Workforce Diversity: We value workforce diversity and recognize that the differences in background, experience, culture, knowledge, and perspective increase the variety of solutions to problems and create a workforce whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Open Communication: We promote a sharing of ideas and information in a manner that is honest, respectful, emphasizing listening by all participants, and results in understanding of each other’s perspectives and interests.

Celebration: We mark events in our organization by recognizing our successes and learning from our mistakes.


The City of Dublin Public Works Department is aactive member in the American Public Works Association. This means that our citizens benefit from having the best public service that anyone can offer: Nationally Trained, Follows Best Practices, Customer Service Minded Public Works Employees. 

One of the many reasons Dublin is a "City of Excellence".