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Engineering Department

Director of Engineering - Matthew B. Bradshaw, PE

Office Information:
Location:  City Hall

Phone:  (478) 277-5036
Fax:  (478) 277-5099

Department Staff:
City Engineer - James Ivey, PE
Engineering Drafter/CAD Operator - Royce J. Hall
Engineering Aide II  - Matt Slaughter
Administrative Assistant  -  Marie Mullis

Engineering Department Functions

The City of Dublin Engineering Department prepares design work and construction contracts for improvements to the city’s transportation, water, sewer, and natural gas systems.  Requests for improvements to these facilities are evaluated individually and alternative solutions are formulated to develop the most cost-effective means of addressing problems.

 The Engineering Department provides full inspection on each contract awarded through the City of Dublin, monitoring construction to ensure that workmanship and materials are in conformance with the written plans and specifications.

 Street Paving Program 
The Engineering Department inspects streets for condition and develops annual plan for repair and maintenance of existing streets; prepares program for bidding; oversees operations of paving contractors for compliance with construction specifications of the program; maintains records of street maintenance for review for future needs.

Streets are evaluated for resurfacing using the Georgia Department of Transportation’s PACES program. PACES stands for Pavement Condition Evaluation System. The system is a method of taking the existing observed condition of a pavement surface and assigning a score to a particular roadway. Other factors in addition to existing pavement condition that are considered are what is served by a particular road and the ADDT(average annual daily traffic) of that roadway. Please see a link to the PACES program for additional information.

Plan Review and Approval 

The Engineering Department reviews and approves plans for new streets and drainage facilities within proposed subdivisions constructed by private developers; plans are reviewed for compliance with standards; monitors construction of facilities after approvals are given; reviews plans for all new commercial development for impacts on existing traffic patterns and drainage facilities.

Traffic Signals
Oversees the operation and maintenance of all city-maintained traffic signals.

City of Dublin Utility Accommodation Permit Form

City of Dublin Utility Encroachment Permit Instructions