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Street Department

Director of Public Works
Shawn Wood


Location: 404 S. Washington Street, Dublin, GA 31021

Hours: Monday - Friday from  8 am to 5 pm

Phone:  (478) 277-5048

Fax:  (478) 272-2073

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining 352 city streets totaling 290 lane miles of pavement. There are over 60 miles of sidewalk as well as 116 miles of curb and gutter. Right of Way maintenance crews mow approximately 500 acres of roadside grass an average of 8 times a growing season, averaging over 4000 acres’ worth of wear on equipment annually.  

Hard at Work

During 2020, the Street Department completed 1,287 work orders plus 144 stormwater work orders that included pothole repairs, stormwater tasks, tree pruning and removal, work for other departments, sidewalk/curb construction, and street sweeping and maintenance of rights of way within the city limits. The total number of tasks are up from 2019. Crews trimmed trees on 125 streets to allow for sight distance and vehicle clearance throughout Dublin. Over 480 potholes and utility cuts were repaired. The miles of streets that were swept in 2019 increased by 80% in large part because of having the new street sweeper. In 2019, the Street Department personnel closed streets and set up crowd control for 4 parades which accounts for 75% of overtime.