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Sanitation Department

Frankie recycling                                                                    Frankie Coney, Sanitation Superintendent

Green & Growing

The City of Dublin Sanitation Department's purpose is to provide efficient and effective Solid Waste Management in a comprehensive program to contribute to the health, safety, and quality of life for our residential, commercial and industrial areas of the City.  This is accomplished through recycling, solid waste collection, disposal and waste reduction activities.

Location: 702 East Madison Street, Dublin, GA 31021

Phone: (478) 277-5041 or (478) 296-1006


Veterans Day
The City of Dublin will be closed on Thursday, November 11, 2021 in observance of
Veterans Day.  Garbage will be collected that week as follows:
Monday, November 8th - Monday and Tuesday garbage route customers
Tuesday, November 9th - Wednesday garbage route customers
Wednesday, November 10th - Thursday garbage route customers
Thursday, November 11th - Holiday - No garbage collection
Friday, November 12th - Recycling for Wednesday-Thursday route customers

Happy Thanksgiving
The City of Dublin will be closed on Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Garbage will collected as follows:
Monday, November 22nd - Monday and Tuesday garbage route customers

Tuesday, November 23rd - Wednesday garbage route customers
Wednesday, November 24th - Thursday garbage route customers
Thursday and Friday, November 25th & 26th - No garbage collection
No recycling on Friday, November 26th.  Recycling will resume on Friday, December 3, 2021 for Wednesday-Thursday customers 

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Refuse & Trash Service
Pick up of trash in the green carts are Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday. Carts should not be left at the street after pickup.  Please return your cart to the yard at the end of your collection day.  Here's the City's policy for Garbage Collection Rules

Yard & Garden Waste
Sanitation picks up yard and garden waste such as leaves, limbs, and cuttings. When putting trash out for pickup, it is important not to mix items together.  Please help us by separating your yard debris from metal, paper, lumber and other items that are put at the curb.  See the ordinance section below for the preparation of yard and garden wastes.  

Sec. 11-37. - Preparation of yard and garden wastes.

(a)  The amount of yard and garden wastes placed for collection shall not exceed an amount contained within an area four (4) fee wide by twelve (12) feet by six (6) feet high or seven (7) cubic yards.  Piles of yard and garden wastes exceeding four (4) feet in width or exceeding twelve (12) feet shall obligate the owner or occupant to pay such special pickup fee.  In no case shall leaves and grass clippings be placed in the same pile for collection with bulky yard and garden wastes.

(b)  No more than one prescribed amount of bulky yard or garden wastes shall be placed for collection.

(c)  In no case shall any yard and garden wastes be placed for collection within ten (10)  feet of any pole connected by wires conducting electricity or guy wires connected to such pole.

(d)  In case of leaves and pine straw the requirements enumerated in  (a) and (b) of section 11-37 shall not apply.

Mulch is no longer available at the City of Dublin compost site. 

Yes! The City of Dublin offers recycling in the blue cart for residential customers every other month based on their trash schedule. Here's the Recycling & Holiday Pickup Schedule for July 2021 - June 2022
Here's more info  recycling: City of Dublin's Recycle Program Single Stream Recycling

Not sure what goes in your blue cart? Here's a handy chart to help:
recycling flyer
Bulk Item Disposal
Bulk items will no longer be charged by item for residential customers. Commercial bulk rates will still apply. 

Any and all residential bulk trash from residential customers will be picked up if it fits within a 4 ft. x 8 ft. space. See drawing below. Anything in excess of that will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by Sanitation.

Bulk items
Trash Trailer Rental
Cleaning out a house?  Doing some DIY home repairs?  Did you know that you can rent one of our trash trailers to help you handle the trash and debris?  Our costs for trash trailer rental are:

$110.00 to deliver and pick-up the trailer
$36.00 a ton for contents put in trailer (weighed at landfill)
$3.00 a day (do not count weekends, holidays, and first day of  delivery or pick-up day)

City of Dublin Sanitation Rates
Residential Garbage Rate - $25.00 per month
Commercial Garbage Rate - $35.00 per month

Miscellaneous Bulk Trash Pickup Charges:

Tires   $5
Chairs/Upholstered  $10
Grills  $10
Hot Water Heaters   $10
Kitchen Tables/Desks $10
TV’s  $10
Box Springs  $15
Dishwashers  $15
Dryers  $15
Mattresses   $15
Recliners   $15
Refrigerator  $15
Stoves  $15
Washers  $15
Sofas   $20
     Small – up to 3”             $10
     Medium – 3” to 6”         $15
     Large – over 6”              $30

Commercial and industrial establishments using containers (dumpsters) provided by the Dublin Sanitation Department will pay:     All containers - $4.39 per cubic yard per collection.  Minimum charge on all containers shall be computed at a minimum number of collections of containers provided per week.