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Public Awareness

Yvonne Baker
Yvonne Baker, Public Awareness Coordinator

The overall goal of Dublin Natural Gas’ public awareness program is to enhance public safety and environmental protection through increased public awareness and knowledge.

Call Before You Dig
As you plan exterior improvements to your home and property that may involve digging, make the free call to Georgia 811 by dialing 8-1-1 or 1-800-282-7411 at least three business days in advance. It will help keep you safe, in compliance with Georgia State law, and help you avoid utility service interruptions and costly repairs.

For more information, visit Georgia 811.

Recognize a Gas Leak

What should I do if I smell gas, see a leak, or hear hissing?

Natural gas smells like rotten eggs.

If you smell rotten eggs, leave the area and call 911 or 478-277-5048.

Public Awareness Surveys

Part of Dublin Natural Gas’ program is an annual requirement to perform a program assessment & evaluation to see if the public awareness program is effective; reaching the intended stakeholder audiences, motivating our stakeholder audiences to act accordance to the information provided, and impacting results such as a reduction in the number of incidents caused by third-party damage. Dublin Natural Gas uses a Public Awareness Effectiveness Survey and a telephone survey to obtain our results.

“These surveys are very short and take less than 5 minutes to complete. All answers will remain anonymous. Based on the results from these surveys, if improvements are needed, we will incorporate them into our program”,  said Baker.

To help and give feedback, the public can complete Dublin Natural Gas’ Public Awareness Effectiveness Survey by visiting the Public Awareness Survey or request a survey be emailed to you by contacting Baker at

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