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Signs in Right of Way

Election signs
Signage Guidance: 

OCGA 32-6-51(a) reads “It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, place, or maintain within the dedicated right of way of any public road any sign, signal, or other device…”  Signs placed in the right of way are subject to removal by the city.  Violation of this code section is a misdemeanor. 

In addition, according to the city’s sign ordinance, Section 3-35 of the City’s Code of Ordinance, any signs on public rights-of-way other than publicly owned signed are prohibited.  The city ordinance also makes it a misdemeanor to violate the city ordinance. 

What to do if you have questions?
Call Planning, Zoning, & Inspections for answers to any questions that may come up. 
Phone: 478-277-1417 

What if your signs are removed?
Larger signs will be taken to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Riverview Drive and the smaller signs will be delivered to Public Works where the signs are disposed of if not claimed.