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City of Dublin Ordinances

The current City of Dublin ordinances are listed at the following link:

City of  Dublin Ordinances (


List of recent additions to the City's Code of Ordinances:


Ordinance 10-20: Code of Ethics Ordinance
Ordinance 10-13A Amended Utilities
Ordinance 11-02:  Redistricting Wards 1,2,3 &4
Ordinance 12-03:  Firearms Section Amendment
Ordinance 12-13:  Amended Art III Charpter 3 Sign Regulations
Ordinance 10-12A:  Amended Utilities Rates for July 2012
Ordinance 12-11:  Establishing Municipal Court Prosecutor
Ordinance 13-01:  Sidewalk Cafe's
Ordinance 13-03:  Utilities Amendment
Ordinance 13-05:  Utilities Gas Rate
Ordinance 13-09:  Amended Section 2-18 Regarding Meetings
Resolution 13-03:  Temporary Sign Permit Moratorium
Ordinance 14-03A:  Utilities Rates Amendment
Ordinance 14-04:  Amended Alcohol Ordinance 
Ordinance 14-07:  Amended Historic District for Downtown 
Ordinance 14-08:  Amended Sign Ordinance
Ordinance 14-10:  Amended Alcohol Ordinance Distance Requirements
Ordinance 14-12:  Water and Gas Utility Charges
Ordinance 14-15A:  Amended Utilities Rates 
Ordinance 14-16A:  Amended Utilities Rates
Ordinance 15-04:  Solar Installation Guidelines

Ordinance 15-05:  Precious Metals
Ordinance 15-07:  Budget Ordinance
Ordinance 15-09:  Pawnshop Amendment
Ordinance 15-10:  Alchohol Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 16-02:  Prohibiting Solid Waste Handling Facilities 
Ordinance 16-07:  Amended Alcohol on City Property 
Ordinance 16-08:  Alcohol Beverages for Catered Functions 
Ordinance 16-09: Budget Ordinance
Ordinance 16-12: Sunday Sales By the Drink
Ordinance 17-01: Amended Animal Control
Ordinance 17-04: Amending Central Business District 
Ordinance 17-07: Amending Code to allow alchohol sales at Theater Dublin
Ordinance 17-08: Budget 2017-2018
Ordinance 17-12A: Amended Utility Rates
Ordinance 17-14: Amending the Zoning Ordinance for Indoor Shooting Ranges
Ordinance 17-15: Amending the Zoning Ordinance clarifying Blight Tax
Ordinance 17-16: Amending Code for Driveway and Encroachment Control
Ordinance 18-12A: AmendedUtility Rates
Ordinance 18-3: Amended Gas Utility Rates
Ordinance 18-4: 2018-2019 Budget
Ordinance 18-5: Amending Article II of Chapter 3 Sign Ordinance
Ordinance 18-6: Amending Chapter 6 (Building and Construction) of the Code of Ordinance
Ordinance 18-7: Amending Central Business District Residential Minimum Parking Space Requirement
Ordinance 18-14: Amending section 8.6 development standards for R-5