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Comprehensive Plan 2019

As mentioned on the DCA page (

'One of the fundamental responsibilities of local government is planning and the preparation of plans. Planning is the word we use to describe how a community shapes and guides growth and development. Some people call this process "city planning," "urban planning," or sometimes "land use planning."

The results of planning are contained in documents we call "comprehensive plans" or "growth management plans." Effective planning ensures that future development will occur where, when, and how the community and local government wants. There are several important benefits to the entire community that result from the planning process:

  • Quality of life is maintained and improved.
  • There is a vision, clearly stated and shared by all, that describes the future of the community.
  • Private property rights are protected.
  • Economic development is encouraged and supported.
  • There is more certainty about where development will occur, what it will be like, when it will happen, and how the costs of development will be met.
The City of Dublin provides its Comprehensive Plan by clicking on the following:

Comp Plan 2019