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City-Wide Urban Redevelopment Plan

City of Dublin
Urban Redevelopment Plan
October 2018

A Tool for Economic & Neighborhood Revitalization

The 2018 Dublin Urban Redevelopment Plan has been prepared as the next step of progressive planning in the City of Dublin. The plan is intended to serve as a foundation for incentives and development tools available for job creation and neighborhood revitalization.

Many action plans were developed as a result of the most recent City comprehensive planning process in 2014; this plan seeks to examine various issues in detail and serve as the basis for future application(s) for Enterprise Zones, Opportunity Zones and Revitalization Area Strategy designation through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

By creating one city-wide Urban Redevelopment Plan, the goal is to improve community services specific to potential sub-areas contained within the Urban Redevelopment Area.

The complete city wide urban redevelopment plan: Click here