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Police Department

Officer Pittman 2
Bike Unit Officer Pittman

Protect & Serve
The City of Dublin Police Department protects and serves the citizens of Dublin authentically and transparently by utilizing initiatives and technology. Most importantly, Dublin Police serves by being in our community through community services and events and embracing community participation. 

Location: 346 South Jefferson Street, Dublin, GA 31021
Phone:  (478) 277-5023
Crime Text: (478) 595-7279
Fax:  (478) 272-1698

Police Chief:  
Tim Chatman 

Chief Tim Chatman

Administrative Assistant:  Lena Lee
Captain:  Ronnie Holmes
Captain: Jim Champion
Captain:  Richard Brantley

Crime Text
Report crime anonymously via Dublin Police Department's Crime Text program. You can make reports by texting (478) 595-7279. You can include links, photos, and videos.

Neighborhood Watch
Unite your neighborhood with a neighborhood watch. Currently, there are 12 citizen groups who meet monthly or quarterly. Dublin Police are part of these watch groups and their efforts by attending the meetings and providing support, education, assistance, and officers who speak on certain topics of concern. If you have questions, please call our Housing Authority Officer at (478) 277-5129.

Cleaned by Your Dublin Police Department
Being on the patrol means your Dublin PD officers notice more than crime. They notice when someone is in need of help. Cleaned by Your Dublin Police Department is the result of your officers noticing when someone needs help with yard work, like mowing or shrubbery trimming. The officers do the work then call for help from the City's Public Works and Sanitation teams to remove the waste. 

Police Explorers
Law Enforcement Exploring is the preeminent career orientation and experience program for young people contemplating a career in the field of criminal justice. The Dublin Police Department Explorer Program's  mission is to offer young adults, ages 14-21 interested in law enforcement, a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences and other activities. For more information, please call our office at (478) 277-5023.

Take It Back Initiative
This is an initiative to foster relations with the community encouraging them to become a stakeholder of their neighborhoods by reporting crime, suspicious activity to the police department and upkeep of their neighborhood to the public works department. Due to citizen reports and cooperation there is a definitive improvement in the relationship between residents and the City of Dublin.

Transformer Initiative
Transformer Initiative was developed to re-direct individuals to reach their full potential.  We offer mentoring programs as well as a curriculum that is designed to change the mind set of individuals from negative to positive thinking.  We offer mapping which directs an individual in the direction he or she is trying to go. The Transformer Initiative is implemented through a curriculum designed to be flexible and meet individualized program needs.  In this way each participant is invested and empowered to participate in their own learning and self-development, providing a forum for continued skill and cognitive development.  The Transformers program has a part-time coordinator in Mr. Keith Geter. Mr. Geter currently has 32 students involved in his program. Mr. Jerome Pullen stills volunteers with the Transformer Initiative and has an additional 20 students in his program.

Dublin Laurens Crime Stoppers
Report crime effortlessly and possibly earn a reward. Follow Dublin Laurens Crime Stoppers on Facebook.

Business Watch
Business Watch is an initiative of the Dublin Police Department that shares information with businesses pertaining to the prevention and/or identification of crimes. When the department has information that we think may be of help to local businesses we disseminate that information. We use readily available software to send out information to a multitude of participants in order to prevent or solve crimes. We can also inform
businesses of any classes that the department may be offering that would benefit businesses. 
How does it work?
We use a software program called “Remind101” to push information out to businesses. This program sends one way information by text message or email.
Can I send information back by using “Remind101”?
No. If you have information of a crime you need to call 911 so that an officer can be dispatched. If you have information that is not time sensitive or critical you may call the main number of the police department (478)
277-5023 or 911 between the hours of midnight and 8 AM.
How often will I receive text or emails?
The frequency you receive information would be determined by the amount of information the department determines to be credible for business. You may receive several one week and no messages for several weeks. The department will be sensitive when sending out information. 
I do not want to get text messages.
You can also join by email.
I want more information.
You can email “” or call (478) 296-1011 if you have any
further questions.